Case Studies

Baileys Care Services are my go to agency for staff cover and we also have taken on several staff through them to come to us on a permanent basis

All the staff they provide have been excellent. They are experienced trained and keen, even when we haven’t been able to be provided with someone who is regular even the first time staff are a great help.

Zoe and the team provide excellent customer service, they are always there on the end of a phone and keen to resolve any issues

Ive used at least 7 different agencies in my time here and I can say that the service that’s provided by Bailey far exceeds any of their competitors and are always my go to choice.

Simon Phillips – Service Manager    Fethneys

Worthing Testimonial 3

St. Bridget’s have used Baileys in Worthing as our primary agency for temp staff cover for the last few years.

We use them as our primary response mainly due to the prompt turn around and reply to booking requests. This means in the event they are unable to provide us with cover, we are able to look elsewhere.

The quality of the temp staff provided always appears to be of a high standard and on the odd occasion when a problem has arisen it has been swiftly dealt with.

Marcus Richards – Service Manager          St Bridgets

Worthing Testimonial 2

Since working together with Bailey Care Services I have found them to be very professional and efficient.  The standard of care staff provided is excellent with the best part of the service being provided with continuity.

The office staff are all very friendly with nothing being too much trouble.  The customer service really is first class and I would highly recommend them.

Naomi Roberts – Manager.        Oakland Grange

Worthing Testimonial 1

We have spoken to staff and management about Bailey Care staff and our feedback is very positive.

Your staff are very punctual, polite and courteous. They interact well with staff and residents. They always offer help and support to our staff if they are able.

Bailey Care Services are always helpful over the phone and accommodate us as much as possible. You always come back to us and and keep us updated when you are trying to support us with cover.

We look forward to continuing working with you.

Sue Percival (Manager) Claremont Court

Newport Testimonial 2

Working for Bailey care is a great experience because they treat you as an individual and with courtesy and respect. Their application and interview process was quick and simple and their training was informative, concise and fun. They continually check in with you - to ensure you are happy, have any support you need and to ask your opinion on the placements you have been on, and most crucially they listen to what you say and act on it.  I would definitely recommend them as a company to work for.

Rebecca Jones (care worker Poole branch)

Poole Testimonial 2

I have been working for Bailey Care since October 2017 and have had a great experience so far. Having never worked for an agency before I was apprehensive about having enough hours, working in so many new places etc., but I needn't have worried. Jo and Kamila have been reassuring throughout and have supported me whenever required. 

I love my work with Bailey's and I recommend anyone considering joining to join with full confidence.

Jen Fountain (care worker Poole branch)

Poole Testimonial 1

I agree, I am happy I would like to thank you on behalf of Mrs F, for what you have all done and would recommend you to all who ask, thank you.

J Steptoe (client's brother on receiving latest CQC report)

Abingdon Testimonial 3

I agree with the report as I am happy with the caring, even loving attention I regularly receive from your workers.

Mrs C Sweet (on receiving latest CQC report)

Abingdon Testimonal 2

I accept this report although I was not personally interviewed by CQC. We are very happy with management and for the way we are contacted over concerns with Mother,

R A Wood (clients daughter on receiving latest CQC report on service received)

Abingdon Testimonial 1

Before I joined Baileys, I felt worthless.  I was a 60+year old, educated woman, with numerous skills, and a lifetime of work experience, who couldn’t find employment.   The day I walked into Baileys, I didn’t hold out much hope of that changing.   I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I had filled out the application form, prior to my interview, and brought all the relevant documents.  After the interview, which felt more like friends’ chatting, I was offered work.  From there, I have never looked back.  Working with Baileys, I can earn as much or as little as I want.  There is no pressure.  

I was so very close to becoming homeless; I went into Baileys as a last resort.  All other agencies had given me empty promises. That day, turned my life around, and I have never looked back. 

Thank you to Julie, for recognising my desperation and enabling me to believe in myself again.  “I am awesome”. Thank you to Nikki, for appreciating me and for the amazing free training.  Thank you to Tiffany, you are a confidant and a friend to the ladies you manage.

If you have read this far, then I hope to meet you on handovers at work.

Maggie Grant, Care Worker, Melksham Branch

Melksham Testimonial 2

Shirley got on remarkably well with the Service User and built a great relationship with her; this particular Service User finds accepting new staff very challenging so Shirley really has shown exceptional skills as a care worker. Bailey Care Services as a company were very helpful, responsive and we consider them to be a valuable working partner.


Rachel Eades BSc Hons.
Care Manager
Blue Sky Enabling

Melksham Testimonial 1

'We have found Bailey's to be extremely supportive, nothing is too much trouble.  The staff that have worked with us from Baileys have all been very professional, they have worked extremely well with my staff.  I cannot recommend Baileys highly enough'.

Helen - Manager Ashton Park

Newport Testimonial 1