Case Studies

Before I joined Baileys, I felt worthless.  I was a 60+year old, educated woman, with numerous skills, and a lifetime of work experience, who couldn’t find employment.   The day I walked into Baileys, I didn’t hold out much hope of that changing.   I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I had filled out the application form, prior to my interview, and brought all the relevant documents.  After the interview, which felt more like friends’ chatting, I was offered work.  From there, I have never looked back.  Working with Baileys, I can earn as much or as little as I want.  There is no pressure.  

I was so very close to becoming homeless; I went into Baileys as a last resort.  All other agencies had given me empty promises. That day, turned my life around, and I have never looked back. 

Thank you to Julie, for recognising my desperation and enabling me to believe in myself again.  “I am awesome”. Thank you to Nikki, for appreciating me and for the amazing free training.  Thank you to Tiffany, you are a confidant and a friend to the ladies you manage.

If you have read this far, then I hope to meet you on handovers at work.

Maggie Grant, Care Worker, Melksham Branch

Melksham Testimonial 2

Shirley got on remarkably well with the Service User and built a great relationship with her; this particular Service User finds accepting new staff very challenging so Shirley really has shown exceptional skills as a care worker. Bailey Care Services as a company were very helpful, responsive and we consider them to be a valuable working partner.


Rachel Eades BSc Hons.
Care Manager
Blue Sky Enabling

Melksham Testimonial 1

'We have found Bailey's to be extremely supportive, nothing is too much trouble.  The staff that have worked with us from Baileys have all been very professional, they have worked extremely well with my staff.  I cannot recommend Baileys highly enough'.

Helen - Manager Ashton Park

Newport Testimonial 1