Hourly care fees

If you suddenly require care and support for yourself or a loved one, finding out what is available and what is best can be a daunting task. 

Social Care is rarely considered until the point it is needed, therefore, to help you to gain a clear understanding of the options and services available we have provided some details to help you make an informed decision.

If you have any questions, however, please call or visit one of our offices to discuss your requirements. There are no charges for talking to us and we can assure you there is no such thing as a silly question!

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Hourly rates for home care can vary from county to county and provider to provider. The United Kingdom Homecare Alliance has researched this throughout the country and produced a report outlining the minimum cost for an hour of care.  This information is listed below or can be found on a direct link https://www.ukhca.co.uk/downloads.aspx?ID=434  

A Minimum Price for Homecare - Version 4.0

UKHCA’s minimum price for homecare services of £17.19 per hour allows full compliance with the prevailing National Minimum Wage and the delivery of sustainable homecare services to local authorities and the NHS. It also provides equivalent calculations of costs for the (voluntary) Scottish and UK Living Wages and the London Living Wage.

UKHCA Policy Director, Colin Angel, said: "It is essential that a viable, regulated homecare sector is available to support the care of older and disabled people who choose to remain at home. The price councils pay for care must cover the costs of the workforce, including - as a minimum - full-compliance with statutory minimum wage levels and the costs of running a regulated care service. UKHCA’s Minimum Price for Homecare provides a thorough rationale for the costs of state-funded care and is highlighted in the Government’s Care and Support Statutory Guidance (for England) as an approach which can be adopted by councils."

In response to feedback from stakeholders, this updated version provides a breakdown of the typical costs of running a homecare business, shown as a percentage mark-up of the direct costs. Our assumptions for the costs of employers’ National Insurance Contributions have also been revised.

[ID 434]

Download A Minimum Price for Homecare - Version 4 [PDF Document format]