Paying for your own home care

You may want to purchase care and support privately for the following reasons:

  • You do not want any local authority involvement
  • You do not qualify for funding from social care after means-testing
  • You receive an amount of Local Authority funding but it is not providing all the funding for the care hours that you would like - you want to pay for the rest of it as private payments
  • You choose to buy care time to help a loved one in addition to the support they already receive, or to enhance their quality of life

Buying care is the same as buying a service or product from any other type of company.  You will receive an invoice with the details of what services you are paying for and the amount that is required to be paid and by what date the payment is due.

Who funds care at home?

Care is means tested and the present means test level in the tax year 2016/17 is £23,250. Should you require care at home or in a residential/nursing facility and you have savings and assets over £23,250 then you will be responsible for paying your own care fees.

This sounds simple, however, it can often be more complex, for example, if there are some occasions when a person’s property as well as certain types of investment cannot be included in the means test. The professional who is undertaking the means test can advise you about what is and is not included.
There are many options to support you, these are covered in the following sections: Local Authority Funding, Personal Budgets, Benefits and Entitlements. At Bailey Care Services we understand you are looking for the most quality care to be delivered for the most reasonable price, just as we would for ourselves or our own loved ones. We will work with you to go through exactly what your requirements are and the most cost effective way for this to be delivered for you.

Further Information

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s website has a range of advice and information on finding financial advice, including how to find and choose a suitable advisor, what to expect from them, the difference between independent and restricted advisers and charging options.  All advisors should be accredited by the FCA.
My Care My Home also offers a free advice service via telephone or home visits, offering individuals and families advice about the costs of care and funding options available to them.

Help the Aged is an international charity which campaigns to help older people facing poverty and isolation. It runs an advice line - 'Senior Line' - for older people regarding the options available for choosing care and funding care, 0808 800 6565.

Counsel and Care is a national charity which aims to achieve the best care and support for older people, their families and carers. It provides advice, information and financial support and influences policies, services and funding