How we support you

Our branch teams are here to support you throughout your work.  Each branch has an on call contact so you can rest assured that you will be able to speak with someone from the team who is familiar with you and where you are working at any time of day or night.

The branch team will advise you at the start of the recruitment process regarding what happens, when it happens and when you can expect to be out on your first shift with us. They will be able to go through the details of the client with you such as how to get there, where to park, what type of work to expect, if they have anywhere for you to have lunch, who to report to, etc. Our ‘take-on’ briefing document has all the information you need for getting started and includes important details covering who to contact, your responsibilities and important procedures such as your contract of employment, time sheet process, getting paid and rates of pay, health & safety, working time regulations and data protection. We make sure you are told everything you need to know for your work placement.

Our electronic systems also support our 24/7 services - you can hand post documents such as time sheets through to the office day or night or if you are not  local you can scan and email to the branch.

Our branches have qualified trainers and training rooms with demonstration equipment which are available should you be unsure or want to clarify techniques used at any point. We will cater to your learning styles with our training using face to face and online training.


When do I get paid?

All workers are paid weekly, one week in arrears.  This means if you start work with us on Monday 1st you would submit your time sheet for your first week on Monday 8th to the office, this would be processed in payroll on Tuesday 9th and you would receive payment into your bank account on Friday 12th.

Where do I get a time sheet from?

These will be given to you during your induction - when you start to run low please notify the office to arrange additonal copies..