Personal Care

What is personal care?

Personal care is the term used to describe support with essential daily basic personal hygiene needs of your own body such as having a wash, showering or bathing, tooth care, brushing, styling and washing hair, using deodorant, talc or other body products, shaving, using continence products and using the toilet. It also includes other basic needs such dressing to prevent cold or heat, putting or and taking off clothes and footwear, nutritional needs such as preparing and eating a meal or drinks. It can also include health needs such as taking medication.  

Every individual has differing needs, you or your loved one may need actual physical support of another person to be able to get up from bed, washed and dressed in the morning or it may be just advice, prompts of encouragement for emotional and psychological support that is needed rather than physically being helped. It may just be a simple reminder or a check by asking a question that is needed.